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1) What is Jhalak Chess Manager

Jhalak Chess Manager
  • Chess Tournament Manager is a fully web based Chess Tournament Management Software service for Chess sporting clubs and associations.
  • CTM has features, which allows control over virtually every aspect of the information required to manage a tournament at any level. CTM has been designed from the ground up to be flexible.
  • We have a detailed understanding of sporting clubs and associations, and have built the system with their needs in mind.

2) Homepage Components

Jhalak Tournament Home Page
  • Home – Tournament Home Page
  • Tournaments: List of all Tournaments (all Sports)Placed in Jhalak Tournaments
  • Organizers: Organizer associated with Jhalak Tournaments (all Sports)// Home –> Current Tournament /Upcoming Tournaments / or Organizers Page
  • Teams: List of all Teams invited in Jhalak Tournaments of all Sports – Sports Wise
  • Players: Available Players List of all Player Registered with Jhalak Tournaments @ Jhalak Ratings and Rankings,
  • Schedules: List of all Schedules of all Tournaments
  • Scores: List of all Scores Placed in Jhalak Tournaments
  • Grounds: List of all Grounds Placed in Jhalak Tournaments
  • Gallery: List of all Photo Gallery and Video Placed in Jhalak Tournaments Organizers ,
    • Photo Galleries collection from different sources
    • Video Galleries collection from different sources
  • Sports News: List of all Sports placed in Jhalak Tournaments , international Sports News
    • Covers all news from sports like football, volleyball, chess, badminton, and Many
    • Playing Tips, Coaches , Sport Schools, Institutes,
    • Sports Brands, Interviews and Many
  • Learn Chess: Lists Learn Chess Tips, Coaches, and Chess Training Institutes.
    • The Page helps user/Player to learn the shades of Chess and understand the game of Chess in a structured way and to master the game.
    • It's not always possible to get a good coach to help you but here this page serves to achieve that purpose with the help of former players, coaches and expert mentors.

3) Associated Pages and Pop-up's

  • Live Score - > Current Match List Page - > Live Score
  • Chess Tournament Manager Icon – As Hyperlink - Page - About Chess Manger
  • Home –>Organizer Signing/ Enroll form
  • Home->Player Signing/ Enroll form